Features of Your New Flat

Congratulations on collecting the keys to your new home! As you move into your new home, you may have some questions about its features, and how to maintain them. No worries, we have the answers right here!

Flooring and Skirting

Q: How do I maintain my timber/ vinyl flooring?




To keep the timber floor/ vinyl floor in good condition, do not use too much water. A simple sweep, or cleaning with a slightly damp mop will do. Attaching felt pads to the base of your furniture legs will help to protect your floors from scratches. Take extra care especially when moving things around!


Q: How do I maintain my timber door?



Timber products can last a long time if you keep them dry. Some tips you can follow include installing a shower screen in your bathroom to prevent your timber door from getting wet, and keeping your rooms well-ventilated. To protect the timber door from damage during renovation, you can request your renovation contractor to cover your doors and handles with corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap during renovation.


Q: Is it normal to have gaps in between the tiles in my flat?



Yes – The gaps, which are filled with tile grout, allow for slight movement of the tiles when there are changes in temperature. It also helps accommodate slight variations in tile sizes which can occur during tile production.


Q: What is a drywall?