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By : Rosita Ithnain
02 April 2016

A chance visit to the HDB Ang Mo Kio Branch set Mr Buddhadeb Basu on his home office entrepreneurial journey, 6 years ago. MyNiceHome speaks to Mr Basu about his experience and what he likes most about the HDB Home Office Scheme.

A home office user since 1999, Mr Basu now runs a software development and programming business from home for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). A dream (business) come true for him, he said that the opportunity struck when the company that he worked for in Singapore, wound up in the late 1990s. And so began his entrepreneurial journey.

With a staff strength of five, Mr Basu is kept busy with projects and a wide-ranging clientele. He communicates with his staff regularly via email and would conduct meetings when necessary at his home. It helps that some of his staff are also home office users like him.


According to Mr Basu, the low start-up cost involved is a boon because one does not need to pay high rental for office space. Best of all, he gets to enjoy the flexibility to manage his schedule and run a business at the same time.

This flexibility has enabled him to set aside time for his photography hobby. Mr Basu explained, “Photography allows me to be creative, and it is this creativity that helps me to hone my business skills in looking for solutions for any IT-related problems.”

Asked if he misses the interaction with colleagues, he laughed and said that he can chat online with colleagues at any time, including staff that are stationed overseas.

Mr Basu urged interested and eligible applicants to sign up for the Home Office Scheme. He said, “The application process was easy and I did not encounter any issues during the process.” Interjected Mrs Basu, “Government agencies have always been very supportive and helpful, and we are grateful for that.”

Mr Basu outfitted one of his bedrooms as his office at home

Starting out

If Mr Basu’s experience has inspired you to take a similar approach, you may be interested to know that HDB has been organising talks on the Home Office Scheme since 2010. Information shared at the talks includes how to start a business, keeping proper business accounts, contribution to Central Provident Fund (CPF), different types of business entities and other relevant topics. If you are keen to set up a home business, do keep a look out for the talks listed in the HDB InfoWEB.

A growing community

For existing home office users, HDB organises talks and networking sessions about 2 to 3 times a year. With these sessions, HDB hopes to bring together home office entrepreneurs so that they can exchange tips and grow their entrepreneurial network.

More than 30 participants met as a community at the February 2015 Talk/ Networking Session

Find out more

If you wish to be part of this growing community of home office entrepreneurs, do note the terms and conditions of the scheme as well as the eligibility criteria on the HDB InfoWEB.

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