What Should I Tell My Interior Designer?

By : Serene Fong
13 February 2018

Having settled into my second home, I now totally believe that interior design is really important. It adds that extra ‘oomph’ so that your home can be the welcoming abode after a hard day’s work.

Before you engage an interior designer (ID) to renovate your home, you need to discuss with them and ensure they understand your requirements. Though they are professionals, they are not mind readers. 

Here are some tips to guide you along.


Let your ID know if you have a favourite style or look you want to create. You can collate clippings from design magazines of rooms you love as reference. Show them to the ID so that he/ she can get a clear idea of your tastes and know how to help you achieve the look that you like.


No one wants to live around something they never liked in the first place, be it a colour or a piece of furniture. So it is necessary for your ID to know your dislikes to avoid any major changes downstream after the renovation has started.


Surely, budget comes to mind with every interior design project. It is the most critical factor in choosing what you can and cannot do with your home decor. The ID should be able to estimate how much the project would cost and give you a realistic budget. Discuss ways to save money or reduce the budget if your expectations are too high for the amount you want to spend. Your ID could suggest concentrating on an area in your home that might be more affordable.


Discuss a realistic deadline with your ID. Is there any special event you need the home to be ready for? Like everyone else, IDs are busy people and you are probably not the only client. Avoid asking for a deadline that is too tight else you might end up with a much bigger bill.

Items to recycle or reuse

Let your ID know if you are recycling or reusing old furniture or a favourite painting so that they can integrate them into the design of your new home. Or if you have ‘green’ requirements for your decor, tell your ID too.


Having an ID to work with on your interior design, be it small or large-scale, will definitely help you get the result you are looking for, and even keep you from making costly mistakes. Have you engaged an interior designer before? Share your tips with us at  mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.

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