Paint A Whole Lot of Love this Mother’s Day!

By : Jane Chang
09 May 2013

Mum, my best friend, confidant and mentor – a woman I admire with all my heart. Since nothing says “I love you, Mum” better than a personalised, handmade gift that money cannot buy, once again I whipped out my brushes and acrylic paint, this time along with my sisters, to present Mum with the sweetest Mother’s Day gifts I’ve made thus far.

They are easy to do and let’s me share how they can be made!

Project 1: Thoughtful Totes

My mother shops a lot. However, the bulk of her purchases are groceries for the family and these grocery-shopping trips can number three to four times a week.

As more local companies and organisations are going the green route and discouraging the use of plastic bags, we thought giving her reusable shopping tote bags would be ideal. Also, the softer fabric straps are more comfortable than the hard plastic handles, and can be strapped over the shoulders and leave her hands free.

As we wanted the tote bags for Mum to be different from the plain, blah ones, we painted them over. It was so easy and fun to do!

Painting Hearts

Painting Stripes


Besides acrylic paint, you might also consider using fabric paint and marker pens, or even embellish these bags with buttons and studs if you’re a little more creative! These pretty bags are bound to bring a smile to Mum when she sees all her favourite colours on one bag!

The finished products!

Project 2: Rockin' the Gifts

Mum loves her rocks (diamonds and all) but our bank accounts have barely enough numbers to get her a gorgeous one. So, we decided to give her a real rock – a painted pebble!

I’ve always felt that the beauty of rocks and pebbles is underrated. Their uses are aplenty, and the best part is that every piece, like Mum, is unique and special (awwwwh, I know).

Let’s start…

The painted pebbles can also be used as paperweights and decorative pieces around the home. Here are more photos of our painted gifts:

By the way...

Drop by Vista Point, Loyang Point, Fajar Shopping Centre, or Gek Poh Shopping Centre this weekend. 

These HDB Malls will be hosting their own Mother’s Day celebrations. All you need to do is spend a minimum of $30 within the same day to participate in the cake design session, and a minimum of $10 to take part in either one of the newspaper decoration, pebble painting, or tote bag designing sessions.

With the ideas shared, have a go and you might just win!

Also, hop over to our Facebook page for something special on Mother’s Day this Sunday, 12 May – you might just win an exclusive MyNiceHome goodie bag!”

Happy Mother's Day

From all of us here at MyNiceHome, we would like to give a shout out to all our readers who are mothers – Happy Mother’s Day to you! For those of us who are not mothers, remember to make your mother feel special on this day too!

Do share with us how you will be making this day memorable for Mom .

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