How to DIY Your Vertical Garden

By : Kay Liao
25 January 2018

Feeling inspired after reading our article on vertical gardening at home? Creating your own vertical garden need not be an expensive process – in fact, you can even DIY it easily using everyday items or materials you already have!

There are many tutorials out there, but we shortlisted a few of our favourite ideas that are perfect for the newbie gardener.

Frame your succulents

Got an unused art frame lying around? Give your succulents a home, by converting the frame into a planter that you can mount on your wall! This tutorial shows you how to prepare the frame, and the best way to arrange your succulents inside your new planter.


Photo credit: Luna-See

Hang up your pots

Got your plants in regular pots? You do not have to re-pot them – just DIY a system to hang the pots on your wall instead. Wood and leather are great materials for creating a modern trellis.

Photo credit: VintageRevivals

Alternatively, you can use rope and wooden boardsdowel rods, or a simple copper pipe to create a hanging garden!

Prefer something with a metallic look to fit your interior decor theme? Consider using steel mesh to hook up your pots.

Photo Credit: Lana Red Studio

Keep on stacking

This idea is for folks who want a vertical garden without mounting anything on their wall. Use wooden crates! You can grow a variety of edible plants or herbs in different crates. Label them carefully, and stack ‘em up!

You can even choose to build your own wooden planter boxes, if you enjoy a challenge.

Photo credit: Little Green Dot

Repurpose and recycle

Make your vertical garden even more environmentally-friendly by repurposing things you already own.

For example, ever thought of using a shoe organiser for a casual unique look? Rig it up with a metal rod, and you can use those neat pockets to plant seedlings.

You can also recycle and turn old containers such as soda bottles into a vertical garden. Cut holes into the bottles to string them up, and voila!

Photo credit: The Dirt

Got more cool ideas for DIY vertical gardens? Share them with us at,  or on our MyNiceHome Facebook page ! 





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