'Home Work' Made Easy

By : Rosita Ithnain
07 April 2015

You might have read of how HDB’s Home Office Scheme has made it easy for Mr Buddhadeb Basu to run a software development and programming business amidst a more flexible schedule. Now, meet Mr Chia Kok Tiong, who is also happily working from home.

Kok Tiong started his home office business in 2007, providing 3D computer visualisation to render architectural perspectives. This went on for about a year, until his business grew, and he moved into an office space in 2008. In 2013, he decided to work from home again, while maintaining a separate office space.

When asked why he moved back to working from home, Kok Tiong cited the flexibility as “the home office arrangement lets me spend more time with my growing family.”

Kok Tiong working comfortably at his home office

Communications with his team – five based locally and three in Malaysia – are mainly via emails, with occasional meetings at the office.

The benefits

The comforts of home might translate into a more peaceful work environment. However, Kok Tiong jokingly cautioned that operating a successful home office business often means that one must be able to stay focused and exercise some form of self-discipline so as to meet project deadlines.

On the downside, it is the people interaction he misses. He said, “It can get pretty lonely as you do not interact much with other colleagues. But, you can get by, through chatting online and conducting meetings in the office sometimes.”

The interest in the HDB Home Office Scheme runs in the family. Kok Tiong’s wife, Irene, is also a home office user who provides translation services. As a mother to two young children, Irene likes working from home for the quality time that she can spend with their children.

And to all aspiring entrepreneurs, Kok Tiong has this piece of advice, “Consider the HDB Home Office Scheme – it offers the flexibility of running your business from home and the low start-up cost is ideal as you do not need a large capital outlay.”





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