Decorate Your Home with Auspicious Plants

By : Kay Liao
19 January 2017

Welcoming the Chinese New Year with festive plants is a must-do. ‘花开富贵’ is an oft-heard Chinese saying for the festive season, meaning that prosperity comes when flowers bloom.

The plants chosen must carry symbolic meanings signifying a prosperous and joyful start to the year ahead.

We help you pick the plants best suited for your lifestyle and preferences.

The Classics

Embrace tradition by going for classics such as kumquats and jade plants, which symbolise wealth, luck and fortune.

Kumquats or four season limes are hardy potted trees that do well in full sunlight with moderate watering. Regular pruning and fertilising helps to keep the tree fruiting, yielding citrus fruits that look like gold coins. The fruit’s cheery orange colour looks great as decor, and can even be consumed if grown organically!

Want an indoor plant instead? The Jade plant with its emerald green leaves is an ideal choice, as it requires little water and sunlight. Simply place it where there is partial shade and prune it when its top grows heavier than the bottom.

Colourful Blooms

Flowering plants are popular among festive plant buyers as their bright colours suggest the onset of spring. Traditional favourites such as the succulent Kalanchoes, are said to bring wealth and prosperity.

The Cockscomb is a particularly apt choice this year, with 2017 being the Year of the Rooster. Prized for its flowers that are shaped like a rooster’s comb, the Cockscomb comes in a variety of colours including red and yellow. To ensure beautiful blooms, make sure your plant gets plenty of sunlight and regular watering!

You can also consider growing flowering bulbs such as Hyacinths and Narcissi to freshen up your home with their sweet fragrance. Requiring relatively easy care, their bulbs will bloom with adequate bright indirect light indoors.

Quirky Picks

In recent years, local nurseries have begun stocking more unique options or familiar plants with a different take (multi-coloured pussy willows, anyone?). For example, while Cherry Blossoms are not native to Singapore, you can opt for a Cherry Blossom bonsai as a pretty statement piece for your home.

For those seeking something quirkier than your usual houseplants, how about a Pitcher plant? The shape of its leaves resemble money bags so it is believed that the more pitchers a plant has, the more luck and fortune you will have! As a tropical plant, the Pitcher plant needs high humidity coupled with moderate watering. Depending on its species and light requirements, the plant can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Happy shopping for new plants! We would love see how you jazzed up your home with plants this Chinese New Year so drop us an email at .





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