5 Savvy Ideas for a Special Valentine’s Day

By : Priya Shandhini
01 February 2017

Unless you have been oblivious to the bright red hearts and flowers popping up everywhere (even my neighbourhood bookshop has a corner selling gifts), you should know that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

It is not too late to think of something novel and interesting to do this year – we show you how you can celebrate a romantic and cosy Valentine’s Day at home.


Splurge: Fancy brunch 
Save: There is nothing better than a hearty breakfast to express appreciation to the one you love. Guys, take over the kitchen and prepare something simple and delicious like blueberry pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. You will score bonus points if you took extra effort to get heart-shaped moulds to make the pancakes.

Splurge: Store-bought decor items 
Save: Sure, there are plenty of lovely Valentine’s Day home decor items and you might be tempted to grab a basketful of them. Get ‘A’ for effort by doing something simple to hang on the wall next to your dining table perhaps. How about a cute origami heart garland?

Splurge: Beach vacation
Save: Hold your credit cards and plan a mini trip down memory lane at home instead. Throw some beanbags or comfy cushions and gather your photo books, albums or for the digitally savvy, you can use your smart TV to screen your old photos. Reminisce the fun and loving moments at different stages of your courtship.

Splurge: Signing up for art workshops
Save: Bring the fun to your home instead. You can spend some couple time together doing some art jamming like canvas painting. Or how about buying a puzzle and assembling it together? Both would be great to display as unique decor pieces in your home.

Splurge: Lunch/ dinner at a restaurant
Save: Restaurants probably have a long queue and will have expensive ‘special’ menus for Valentine’s Day. You can easily put together your own lunch or dinner menu with some clever planning. Think of incorporating dishes that are red in colour like lobster pasta, beetroot hummus, strawberries dipped in chocolate and some red wine to round off the meal!


Money cannot buy you love but winning ideas can. So try out some of these ideas to impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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