September 2019 Sales Launch

By : Britina Tan and Low Hee Ann
11 September 2019

#ICYMI, HDB recently announced new measures to help more Singaporeans in their home ownership journey.

From this sales launch, buyers with a household income of up to $14,000 can buy BTO flats too, up from the previous income ceiling of $12,000.

We also have a new grant—the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG), which replaces the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG). The EHG will benefit more BTO buyers—even those who buy larger flats in mature estates may be eligible too. Check out the HDB InfoWEB for more details.

New BTO Projects on Offers

We have more good news for you – 3 new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects have been launched in Tampines and Punggol at the September 2019 sales exercise.

2 of the projects - Punggol Point Cove and Punggol Point Crown are located close to the tip of Punggol Point district, a ‘Green Heritage’ district where residents will be able to get close to nature with the estate’s proximity to green spaces, parks, and also the sea.

Punggol Point Cove and Punggol Point Crown offer a wide range of housing options from 2-room Flexi, to 3-, 4-, and 5-room flat types, and buyers can choose from 1,179 units in Punggol Point Cove and another 1,545 units in Punggol Point Crown. We expect the units with gorgeous sea views to be very popular!  

Flats ranging from 2-room Flexi to 5-room are affordably priced from as low as $29,000 and $378,000 respectively, after housing grants.

Flat Type

2-room Flexi




Before Grants

From $109,000

From $205,000

From $287,000

From $423,000

After Grants*

From $29,000

From $130,000

From $227,000

From $378,000

*Eligibility conditions apply. Grant amounts vary based on income and choice of flat.

** The starting prices are based on 99-year leases.


Punggol Point Cove

Located along the eastern shoreline of the district, Punggol Point Cove comprises 6 residential blocks with staggered heights from 8 to 26 storeys, with some units offering seafront views.

Punggol Point Crown

The name of this project was inspired by the crowns of existing trees along an adjacent Heritage Trail and the lush landscape found within the project. It’s worthy to note that this very site housed the first public zoo in Singapore in the 1920s! Drawing on this rich history, landscapes within Punggol Point Crown will be designed with zoological themes.

The BTO projects will each comprise a childcare centre and Residents’ Committee Centre. With the nearby Punggol Point LRT station and upcoming Punggol Coast MRT station on the North East Line, residents can travel conveniently within Punggol and beyond the town.

Punggol Point LRT Station

Residents can also take a stroll or cycle to nearby recreation spots in the vicinity, such as the nearby Punggol Point Park, Coney Island, and Punggol Settlement. With abundant green spaces and close proximity to the sea, Punggol Point is an ideal choice for those looking for a tranquil and active lifestyle. 

Punggol Point Park

Coney Island

Both BTO projects are designed with eco-friendly features that encourage green living. These include dedicated chutes for recyclables and bicycle stands that support cycling as an environmentally-friendly transport option. Smart-enabled homes will let residents adopt and install smart systems more easily to help reduce energy usage and contribute to a more sustainable living environment.

Tampines GreenGlen

Tampines GreenGlen will offer 649 units of 4- and 5-room flats. Conveniently served by the Tampines MRT station and bus interchange, and Tampines Expressway, residents can visit the nearby Tampines Retail Park with its mega warehouse malls like Giant, Ikea, and Courts or the Tampines Regional Centre for their shopping and dining needs. For outdoor fun, Our Tampines Hub located a bus ride away offers a variety of sports facilities such as the gym, sports hall, and swimming pools.


The flats are affordably priced from $267,000 and $388,000 respectively, after housing grants.

Flat Type



Before Grants

From $312,000

From $418,000

After Grants*

From $267,000

From $388,000

*Eligibility conditions apply. Grant amounts vary based on income and choice of flat.
** The starting prices are based on 99-year leases.

Grants and Priority Schemes

Eligible first-timer families can receive up to $80,000 of housing grants. Read more about the HDB priority schemes to better your chances at getting a flat.

Flexi Flats and Fresh Start Housing Scheme

2-room Flexi flat process are determined after taking into account factors such as the lease tenure, and whether buyers are first-timers, second-timers, or others.

Families who are on the Fresh Start Housing Scheme can also apply for 2-room Flexi flats. The Fresh Start Housing Scheme is meant to help second-timer families with young children who stay in public rental flats to own a flat again.

Useful Tips for Flat Buyers

Before you submit your flat application, do read up more on the flat buying process and take note of the following tips:





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