DIY Décor Ideas to Welcome Christmas

By : Ryan Sim
23 December 2019

What better way to usher in the Christmas cheer than to dress your home up for the holidays?

Whether you’re hosting a big Christmas get-together or looking to spend some time with your loved ones, we’ve prepared a list of simple DIY Christmas decorations that’ll have your home look like Santa’s Grotto in no time!

Minimalistic Christmas Tree

No Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree. Eschew the fir—or faux— tree if you’re looking for a space-saving option, and make your very own sustainable Christmas “tree” instead.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Simply select your favourite colours and stick washi tape or wrapping paper on the wall! After all the festivities, you can take down your ‘tree’ and recycle the tape/ wrapping paper, which saves you the hassle of putting the tree and ornaments away!

For a 3-dimensional tree, repurpose your ladder by decorating it with fairy lights and ornaments. Alternatively, arrange some gift boxes in the shape of a tree and involve guests by getting them to contribute in building your ‘tree’.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Photo Credit: Smart School House

No snow? No problem. If you have spare cardboard boxes lying around, simply paint, or wrap them in the colour of snow, before stacking them up. Add in the eyes, signature carrot nose, mouth and buttons and you’ll have your very own Olaf! Better yet, throw on a scarf and some mittens.

White candles make cute snowmen too

Re-creating Ruldolph

Another symbol of the holiday season is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Christmas isn’t quite complete without it, and you can find antler hairbands for yourself (or your canine friends!) quite easily in the shops or on online marketplaces.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

If reindeer-themed decorations are what you’re after, get brown paper bags, colour in the features, cut out some antlers and your reindeer is complete!

Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with a handmade advent calendar! The daily gifts can come in the form of candies (perfect for kids), accessories, or it can even be something as simple as an inspirational quote.

Advent calendar made from repurposed cardboard

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take-away boxes, envelopes and even toilet rolls can be used to craft an advent calendar. Better yet, make this a family event by creating a personalised calendar with everyone contributing gifts. More hands make for quick work, and you can decorate the calendar to come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colour.

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