Fun and Simple Winter DIY Ideas

By : Erica Yap
20 December 2018

Looking for new décor ideas with Christmas around the corner? We rounded up a list of our favourite DIY tutorials that are perfect for the season. Now that school’s out, you can gather your kids and get crafty as a family!

1. Glue Gun Snowflakes

Print out snowflake patterns, lay wax paper over and trace with the glue gun. Be sure not to make the lines too thin or the snowflake might rip. Peel off the paper when the glue has dried and attach to your windows or glass with a dab of hot glue. It should peel off easily during clean up. Pro-tip: add glitter while the glue dries for extra frost!

Credit: welivedhappilyeverafter

2. Geometric Terrarium for Mistletoe


Follow the steps in this tutorial to cut straws into pieces and spray paint them gold. String them up, and voila! You have yourself a hanging terrarium. Stuff your new terrariums with some mistletoe and hang them up around the house to get in the festive mood.

3. Whimsical Icy Branches

Credit: makethemwonder

Transform your home into a winter wonderland with unique ornaments!

Place a sheet of newspaper or paper plate down as a work area. Pour a pile of glitter and beads or crystals in the centre.  Brush white glue on the branch. Roll the branch in the glitter and beads/ crystals. Let it set for about an hour then do the same to the other side of the branch.

4. Thread Snowballs

Credit: viewalongtheway

Blow up small balloons, before mixing white glue and water in a bowl in a 1:2 ratio. Tie one end of the thread to the balloon, and wrap it around the balloon in a random criss-cross fashion. Roll the balloon in the glue and water mixture. Be sure to coat the thread thoroughly!

Add glitter while the glue is still wet, then hang to dry for 42 hours. Pop the balloon and fish it out of the thread netting using tweezers. String up your finished DIY snowballs!

5. Miniature Pine Trees

Credit: PipeCleanerCrafts B

Coil a green pipe cleaner around the top of a sharpened pencil. Use a wire cutter to snip off the excess, before dabbing on glue and rolling in glitter. Use colourful glitter for an ornamented tree and white/ silver glitter for a regular snowed-on pine! Cut a cross shape out of brown foam and glue to the bottom of the tree.

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