Washi-Tape Shelf

By : Jamie Huang
15 April 2019

washi tape lined shelf made out of cardboard box

Marie Kondo talks about how we need to 'find a home for everything' so that we can keep our belongings organised at home... and we totally agree! This simple 10-step tutorial is perfect for you if you need a small shelf to store all your knick knacks.

cardboard box and art materials to make a shelf

You will require the following items:

-A cardboard box with flaps intact
-Scissors/ penknife
-Hot glue gun
cutting off flap of cardboard box using a pen knife

Cut off all the flaps on the cardboard box.

cardboard box with flaps detached

You should have 4 detached cardboard flaps as shown. You will only need to use 1 long flap, and 2 short flaps to complete the washi-tape shelf. You can put aside the extra flap for future DIY projects!

wrapping cardboard box with white paper

Wrap the cardboard box and flaps with paper.

lining white paper with washi tape

Line the cardboard box and flaps with washi-tape as such.

washi tape covered cardboard boxes with markings on it

Draw a 5mm x 50mm slit on the cardboard flaps at the following positions:

  • Short flaps: half-mark
  • Long flap: every one-third mark


interlocked cardboard

Cut out the parts that you have marked using a penknife. Then interlock the flaps as shown.

white paper used to line the inside of cardboard box

Place a piece of paper in the interior of the cardboard box.

using glue gun to attached cardboard parts together

Use a hot glue gun to attach the cardboard flaps to the box.

washi tape lined cardboard shelf

There you have it...your very own washi-tape shelf. Comment below if you enjoyed this tutorial!




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