Icosahedron Lamp

By : Briana Tan
06 March 2019

final product of DIY icosahedron lamp

Looking for something to bring a little glimmer to your home? Well, why not create your own abstract lamp! We show you how to make your very own icosahedron lamp with just the simplest materials.

ice cream sticks and glue on the table

Things you would need:

  1. Glue

  2. Ice-cream sticks

  3. Tape

  4. Battery-operated fairy lights

ice cream sticks glued together to form triangle

Step 1: Glue 3 ice-cream sticks together to form a triangle.

a stack of 20 triangles made out of ice cream sticks

Step 2: Repeat step 1 to get 20 triangles.

4 triangles lined up on the table side by side

Step 3: Arrange 4 triangles in the order below and tape them together.

5 sets of 4 triangles in a row

Step 4: Make 5 sets of these 4 triangles, and tape them all together as such.

tape up the parts of the triangle that are connected to other triangles

Step 5: Carefully fold in the sides of the triangles and tape them to the ice-cream sticks next to it.

taping the last corner of the triangle

Step 6: Keep going until you finally reach the last corner.

icosahedron made out of ice cream sticks and unpainted

Step 7: You’ll see an icosahedron finally!

fairy lights inside ice cream stick icosahedron lamp

Lastly, just place your battery operated lights into the icosahedron and power it up in a dark room.




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