Marble Phone Holder

By : Jamie Huang
24 January 2019

mobile phone holder made out of marble contact paper

Looking for a phone holder? Why not make your own by following these simple steps!

materials needed to make your  own mobile phone holder

Materials needed:

  • Marble Contact Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Penknife/ Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
pasting marble contact paper on cardboard

Lay the marble paper onto the cardboard carefully.

removing air bubbles from contact paper

Use a ruler to smoothen the marble contact paper onto the cardboard surface and remove air bubbles, if any.

measuring size of phone on the contact paper

Use your current phone to gauge the size of the back piece of the phone holder. Leave an estimated allowance of 50% of the length of your phone.

trim cardboard using penknife and ruler

Trim the cardboard accordingly.

bend the cardboard to match the size of phone

Bend a quarter of the backplate to form the holding section as shown. Length will be determined by the size of your phone.

cutting out 2 pieces of cardboard

Cut out 2 pieces of cardboard based on the size of the gap of the folded holding section.

using glue gun to attach cardboard pieces

Stick the cut out cardboard sections to the gap with a hot glue gun.

securing the backplate to the phone holder with glue gun

Take another piece of marble-covered cardboard and gauge the angle of your stand. Make sure it is perpendicular to the backplate of the holder before securing it with a hot glue gun.

DIY mobile phone holder

And you are done!




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