Housewarming Gifts for 5 Types of Friends

By : Mei See
09 August 2017

Housewarming Gifts for 5 Types of Friends

A housewarming gift is a nice gesture of friendship. Giving one that delights the host is even better!


But choosing the right gift is not always easy. Based on my own experience buying gifts for friends with new HDB homes they are proud to show off, here is my suggestion on 5 types of gifts for 5 types of friends.


The Practical One


We all have a practical friend who prefers functional gifts over decorative ones any day. This is why you need to give them useful gifts. An appliance such as an induction plate (for steamboat parties) or a vacuum cleaner (to clean up after everyone) would be great gifts.

Just remember to check that your friend does not already own the gift you plan on buying
That will be a good way to get everyone off their phones, and into the same conversation

The Gamer


Your gamer friend may have already bought a gaming console for his daily digital escapade. But you can help wean him off techno games by gifting people-friendly board games that all of you can play at the housewarming party!

I can already smell the home cooked pasta with fresh herbs at the next gathering

The Cook


Not everyone is lucky enough to know such a friend, but those who do will greatly treasure this ‘gastronomic’ friendship. We should support their culinary adventures by preparing a starter kit of planted herbs that is useful for the dishes that we love (you guessed it, I am the practical friend). Basil, oregano, and chilli plants can survive well in Singapore’s tropical climate – pick one or a trio and pack them in a pretty pot!

Remember, no one gets upset if everyone gets to feed the pet

The Fur Parent


Chances are your animal lover friend has a hamster, rabbit or pooch, so buying something for their beloved pet is a no-brainer. If your friend does not mind, check what their pet’s favourite snack is and bring some as a housewarming gift so everyone can get to feed the pet.

Parents are sure to love these toys with an educational element

The New Parent


The best housewarming gift for new parents would be one that can edu-tain (educate and entertain) their baby. Not only will it keep baby happy during the party, it also helps build better neuron connections so that baby can grow up smart and sharp.

I hope this little list has been helpful. Let us know on MyNiceHome’s Facebook page if you have other great housewarming gift suggestions.




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