4 Ways to Organise Electronics at Home

By : Theresa Ong
10 May 2017

A clean workstation with an iMac, camera and speakers

Smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and speakers. Nifty gadgets that that are an integral part of our lives, but the cords and accessories that come along can be a challenge to incorporate into our home decor. 


If you face this problem, here are some (great) ideas that can help organise your nifty gadgets, and at the same time, add a touch of nature to the design of your home.


1. DIY your own charging station

A wooden box intended to be repurposed into a charging station

If you have some empty wine boxes lying around, do not throw them away. They can be easily and inventively re-cycled as a multi-device charging station to charge and organise your electronics. 


Simply measure and decide which electronic devices would be stored in the box, and drill holes through the base of the wooden box accordingly. Place the box near the plug, slot the cables through the holes, and viola – your very own charging station!


With some paint and stain, you could easily turn this wooden box into a chic charging station that would fit stylishly into your room.


2. Shelve them away


A clean workstation with an iMac, camera and speakers

Every home has an array of electronic sidekicks, the urban dwellers that we are. For a simple and fuss-free way to ensure that every sidekick has its own place, use shelves to organise your electronics. 


Arrange the gadgets in designated areas on the shelves, and label each spot. This simple hack means you can now find and reach for the devices easily, and spend less time in the morning to pack your bag. Another minute of beauty sleep – score!


3. Twine and tidy


Two rolled up twine with different thickness

If you cannot hide it, disguise it. Instead of leaving the plain ol’ electronic cord as it is, decorate it with twine for a rustic look. Simply wrap the twine around the cord, and transform the ordinary cords into a chic accessory for your home.


You can also use the twine to organise the cords. Tie the twine around the bundled up cord, and end the knot with a bow for a dainty touch!


4. Upcycle tableware


Thinking to discard your old wooden tableware? Stop! Upcycle and reuse the wooden plates for a different purpose instead. Give the plates a good wash, and stain it to match the rest of the wood colours in your home.

Use the refurbished plates to store and hold smaller electronics or its accessories. A plate for your thumb drives, and another as a phone holder. They work great as home decoration pieces while keeping your desk neat and tidy!


Do you have any creative hacks to organise your electronics at home? Send your hacks to mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg! 🙂



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