10 Tips to Breeze Through Your Spring Cleaning

By : Janelyn S
25 January 2017

Close up of a hand squeezing a lemon, and another catching the juice

As part of the Chinese New Year tradition, households will spend days cleaning to get rid of bad luck or old things from the house so as to get ready for a new and auspicious start. Known as spring cleaning, this goes beyond your usual dusting and mopping routine.


Even if you are not superstitious about having a ‘good start’, it is still a good reason to de-clutter and keep your house clean. We show you how to breeze through the spring cleaning chore. 🙂 


1. Invest in good equipment

Close up of a guy with yellow gloves using the vacuum cleaner

With the right arsenal of tools, you can ensure you emerge victorious and get approving nods from your parents! A good vacuum cleaner, mops with a squeeze mechanism and a decent-sized heavy duty pail is more than enough to help you with that. They also make the process less strenuous and shorten the time you spend cleaning your home! Remember to get a good pair of rubber or vinyl gloves to protect your skin and nails from all the cleaning. 🙂


2. Dust before cleaning

Close up of a feather duster over a dusty transparent surface

Use feather dusters to get rid of the layer of dust before using your damp cloth and see the difference it makes! Also, buy those extendable dusters for reaching above your windows, doors and cabinets!


3. Go room by room, inside to outside

A bedroom with white and birch wood furniture

As a rule of thumb, you should draw up a simple plan and decide on the things you can de-clutter first. You should then start by cleaning from inside to outside to prevent dirtying what you have already cleaned, and go room by room to keep the flow organised. Work smart and you work less hard. 🙂 


4. Do two at a time

A woman with wearing yellow rubber gloves, with many hands holding cleaning supplies photoshopped onto her

Save precious time where possible by multi-tasking. After loading the washing machine and running it, you can wipe the windows or wash your toilets concurrently.


5. Remember your forgotten spaces

A woman with blue rubber gloves cleaning her kitchen’s exhaust hood

Every home has several nooks and crannies that are ‘forgotten’ during the weekly wipe downs e.g. the back of your refrigerator. You will be amazed at how much dust/ dirt they can accumulate within a short span of time. So use this opportunity to clean these spots. 🙂


6. Go green

A clear bowl of baking soda, sponge, rubber gloves on a table

Choose cleaning products that are made from natural ingredients to go green. Your pantry probably has many good natural cleaning agents already – so do some research online and avoid buying tons of cleaning products. 


7. Lemon juice and vinegar are your best friends

Close up of a hand squeezing a lemon, and another catching the juice

Spray fresh lemon juice on surfaces with water stains and rinse it after 10 minutes to see the wonder – all sparkling and bright again! For screens/ mirrors, wipe using a damp cloth dipped in vinegar solution for the same effect. 


8. Recycle or reuse

Air-conditioner vent catching fire

Before you throw out something the next time, pause and ask yourself if it can be reused in some other ways. I use empty tissue boxes to make them into storage holders, instead of buying plastic ones. 


9. Check your appliances

Air-conditioner vent catching fire

Your electrical appliances are likely to be working as hard as you during the festive period. Show them some care by checking to see if they are in good and safe conditions for use, especially the wires. 


10. Entertain yourself

Most importantly make the cleaning process enjoyable! Listen to some of your favourite music tracks, or take snack breaks along the way. You might just be surprised how quickly you complete your chores! 🙂

If you have any other hacks, we want to know! Email them to mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or message us via our Facebook page.


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